The physical construction of VidRock will be three 9.5” x 48” “QuikTubes” which are found very inexpensively at Home Depot for about $6.00 a piece. I bought four of these tubes so that I can use one as a body tube coupler. It was exciting to place the tubes one on top of each other to see the overall height of the rocket – It looks very large! 

parts.jpg (60227 bytes)


fins.jpg (59282 bytes)

The overall size of VidRoc will be 14’,6", Three 48” Quicktubes and a 24”, 6" nose cone. After starting this project, all my midsize rockets, such as the LOC Magnum and Bruiser look extremely small. VidRoc will sport a single 98mm motor tube. I bought ¾”  Birch plywood for the centering rings and the fins. Just by coincidence my fins look like upside down Nevadas which I copied from the Tomahawk sounding rocket. (I was born and raised and still live in Nevada)

In fact, VidRoc is extremely similar to the Tomahawk. The design goal being:KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) I’ve been told time-and-time again to follow this advice. Thanks everyone. 

image001.jpg (16484 bytes)

I cut three ¾” centering rings out of birch to act as the motor mount centering rings.  I am using a 98mm x 36" motor tube. The fin canister is dry fit here to check for alignment:

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